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Your privacy is what we care about the most.

We are fully transparent on how your signatures are stored and used on Petitio, and we strongly encourage our customers (the petition owners) to be as transparent as we are.

Rule 1: you can delete all your data stored on Petitio whenever you want
Rule 2: Petitio itself will never use any personal collected data for any other reason than letting the petition owner gather it

Petition Owners

The personal data of your petitions' signatories is not yours, it's them.

Yes, that is a strong statement, but we do believe that respecting the trust people place in you, by giving you their signature, is the very first step in making successful petitions.

By using our platform, whatever plan you use, you acknowledge the fact that signatories are able to delete their signature by themselves.

We cannot enforce you to follow the light side of the force when you will make your follow up actions to your signatories, but please understand that we will remain free to suspend your account without refund if you do not follow the French laws regarding online privacy.